Joe’s still not accepting reality and Sid’s reality is becoming a little too much for Kathy.

Radio Times: Joe Grundy harrows a field for grassland.

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  • Breakfast at Grange Farm and, yet again, Joe’s gone AWOL. Eddie’s finished milking, for almost the last time for a while, and he and Clarrie ring in late to Brookfield and Bridge Farm and go off in search of Joe. Eventually they track him down, he’s out preparing some grass land for the onset of spring and the cows’ need for early grass. Of course, there won’t be any need for it, but he’s not listening. Eddie and Clarrie despair at the site of him and his reluctance to accept their reality.
  • Jennifer, another one loath to accept reality, has finally spoken to Morwenna and she’s convinced that the truth is being withheld from her because of some loyalty bond between them. She’s really not taking the continued absence well, but Brian’s given up worrying particularly.
  • Kathy’s starting to get annoyed with Sid, his mind seems to be elsewhere, letting the little things go – like too few mixers and forgetting to go to the shop to buy more. He exercised on his machine in the morning but went to the gym again in the afternoon … at least he went to do some exercise. In Jolene’s bedroom – complete with some naked line-dancing! He returned (late) and straight into a furious Kathy, who also wondered about why his kit the other day was fresh and not in need of washing. A new form of “anaerobic” exercise was his lame excuse.

    Aside:The producers are having a little fun with us with their selections of background music: “Tragedy” by Steps on the radio in the Grundy kitchen over breakfast and Sid and Jolene dancing to “That don’t impress me much” by Shania Twain …)