Eddie’s not going to take the auctioning off of the Grange Farm stock lying down.

Radio Times: The aucctioneers arrive at Grange Farm.

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  • The auctioneers are setting up shop at Grange Farm ahead of Friday’s sale and Eddie is keeping a very close eye on them. He’s worried that some items might get undervalued (or half-inched before even making it to the catalogue).
  • Brookfield’s lambing is going slowly (which is lucky as they’ve no Eddie to help) but generally things are good for them. David’s not sure about going to Friday’s sale at Grange Farm, though. Phil’s saddened by the turn of events – not just for the Grundys as small farmers, but for the loss of the wisdom – Eddie’s a useful stockman and Joe might be cunning, but he’s a mine of country wisdom too.
  • Shula visits to report on her meeting up with Mark’s parents …. and they weren’t happy with the news. Jill can understand that, Mark was an only child, so Daniel’s going to be their only grandchild. While they’ve no real say in the matter, she’s going to visit them to talk things over.
  • Eddie’s unhappy with some of the lots the auctioneer is planning on selling. He doesn’t want some of the old tools, especially those with his grand-father’s initals in them, worn through seasons of toil, going to the heritage industry. In an powerful, impassioned and fruitless monologue (the auctioneer couldn’t get a word in edgeways) he opines that farms should be producing food not mementos and that there will be lots of hungry people if all the farmers went to the wall …