Lower Loxley see Lizzie’s worried about heart and Joe worrying about his family and future.

Radio Times: Shula goes to Mark’s parents.

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  • Nigel, Julia and the twins are visiting Ellie-May, although Julia’s not happy with either the twins being exposed to cow germs, nor with the mud on her shoes … as they leave to return to the house, Nigel thinks he sees Joe loitering in the trees near the farm buildings. It seems he’s a Keats fan as he murmurs, under his breath, “What can ail thee, knight at arms, Alone and palely loitering? “
  • Lizzie and Jill are going through baby clothes, although that’s not why Jill’s there. Lizzie is apprehensive ahead of an appointment with her cardiologist next week – what if she’s recommended to have her operation sooner rather than later? Both Jill and, later, Nigel, comfort and support, but Lizzie is worried about losing contact with the twins for the time she’ll be in hospital.
  • Shula, dropping in to Lower Loxley to pick up their shopping list, is also on her way to Mark’s parents and, while her family are pleased with the news, she’s less sure how Bunty and Reg will react to their legal responsibility passing to Alistair if his adoption request goes through.
  • It was Joe in the trees, he had walked to Lower Loxley to pay a visit on Ellie-May and, his namesake, Joseph. He’s in the gallery and, initially, Julia would rather he wasn’t there (she has a meeting with an important local artist), but after getting a little bolshy, Joe softens when he looks at a landscape view of Lakey Hill, remembering courting his Susan and singing the praises of Borsetshire, the prettiest county on Earth. Julia, showing a surprisingly deft sympathetic streak, offers him tea and a seat for a while.