Mike offers some advice to Eddie and Shula will need to talk to Mark’s parents about Alistair adopting Daniel.

Radio Times: Mike gives Eddie helpful advice.

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  • Shula’s teaching at the stables and Chris is jealous of her charge – both for her youth and fitness, she’s off to the osteopath to get her back seen. She and George undergo a little rôle reversal – they’re out walking and he’s telling her to accept retirement gracefully! It’s their 21st wedding anniversary on Wednesday and George wants to celebrate properly, thinking bank to the turning point in his life.
  • Mike, who’s been through it all himself, is at Grange Farm to offer some comfort. Eddie appreciates it, although Mike warns him that no matter what he thinks it’s worth, they may not see much, if anything, left over from the sale. Joe, though, isn’t so keen to hear his sympathy – he’s taking it all very hard, going off walking, retreating into himself. Mike offers to take the still and cider equipment to Willow Farm.
  • Some adoption forms have arrived and Shula and Alistair are having no doubts about the process, although if he’s to adopt Daniel then, legally, Mark’s family will become unrelated to him and Shula’s worried about Mark’s parents, Bunty and Reg, and how they’ll react to this. She’s not concerned – she wants him to be a father to Daniel, but it’s a matter that must be broached.