Jennifer’s thinking of looking for Kate and Eddie’s confident of being able to avoid eviction.

Radio Times: Jennifer is in a state about Kate.

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  • Jennifer, having enjoyed herself at the party on Friday, thinks that they should throw a bash soon, although Brian’s worried about Simon’s, who seemed more shifty than normal. Jennifer, still worried about Kate, saw nothing different. The newly humanised Brian even seem genuinely sorry over the news about the Grundy bankruptcy.
  • Joe’s wandered off again – Clarrie’s worried about his state of mind. Eddie’s fairly bullish about the future – they’ve a bit of income and their hidden stash of cash, they can sell their grass if they’ve no stock to eat it. He’s confident that they’ll be able to pay the rent and stave off eviction, Brian had even made sympathetic noises to him, which might not be a bad sign.
  • Jennifer’s been scouring the internet for flights to Africa, although Debbie’s not impressed when she catches her. Chasing after Kate isn’t a serious option, but Jennifer’s feeling helpless. Brian suggests they try to contact Morwenna, her midwife friend.
  • A cheery Sid is humming a country tune (“The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers – “Now every gambler knows, The secret to surviving, Is knowing what to throw away, Knowing what to keep ….“) blaming Jolene’s line-dancing classes. Kathy’s arrived back having had a great time in London.