Bridge Farm remembers John and the Grundys are still coming to terms with the village learning of their state.

Radio Times: The village rallies round.

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  • A busy breakfast table at Bridge Farm. Pat’s quiet, but she’s not thinking of John, but of the Grundys, whose predicament was the talk of the pull last night (them and Jolene’s top!) Jennifer calls in with a birthday present for Tommy (who’ll be absent from his own party this evening) and then Simon arrives seeking ice cream and managing to dodge questions about the easy academic life that lets him shop in the middle of the day …
  • Debbie’s not looking forward to the party, all the chitchat, but Simon’s keen to put on a brave face. He really appreciates her support. At the party he avoids Jennifer asking about his contract being renewed and, the irony, is praised as a great support and Jennifer says that his students are lucky for having such a great lecturer!
  • Pat and Tony are looking to the future, both in terms of remembering John but moving on but also for their business – they’re looking at a few vacant shops next week.
  • Eddie and Clarrie are in Birmingham for a meeting to discuss their bunkruptcy. The one good thing is that creditors either take something from their sale of assets or lose the debt – a small comfort. They get to keep their van – it’s not worth selling. When they return to the farm they find all manner of small gifts from people – flowers, jam, scented oils. It’s not going to save them, but it’s a touching reminder that people are thinking of them. It might be tough times, but no-one’s being blamed.