Jolene’s a hit with the punters and the news of the Grundys’ bankruptcy spills out to a stunned village.

Radio Times: Alistair makes a suggestion.

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  • Jolene has been a solid hit behind the bar, apparently the menfolk from miles around are flocking to the Bull for her nightly performances … Clarrie, though, mentions to Sid that Mike had seen Jolene’s car tucked out the way quite near the Bull that morning, definitely not at her home in Layton Cross. Sid, though, had seen she was alright and no need for her to drive home …
  • Bert is not so keen on the idea of Woodbine Cottage is nearly ready for habitation again. Clarrie reminds him that when she first arrived in the village that was her home, which brings back memories of her parents and how she met Eddie (he was employed to rip out the range). She tearfully admits that she’s glad her parents her around to see … and then runs off before she spills the beans to a slight befuddled Bert.
  • Alistair’s determined not to just be a fairweather father for Daniel and asks Shula about her reaction to his possibily adopting Daniel. Shula’s delighted with the idea, thinking that they’d have more of an issue with it than Daniel!
  • Bert and David pop into the (Jolene-less, for now) Bull for a lunchtime pint and while he’s browsing the Echo’s small ads for a fertiliser spreader, David sees an advert for a dispersal sale at Grange Farm, he then finds the official notice of their bankruptcy and there’s general shock around the Ploughmen’s bar. The assembled villagers are shocked by the news, Grange Farm was never the most prosperous of places, but no one suspected that things had got this bad. Sid, ironically, summed it up, “you think you know people, but you never really know what’s going on in their lives.”