Jennifer’s not seeing clearly over Kate’s absence or Phoebe’s childcare and Jolene and Sid exploit Kathy being away.

Radio Times: While the cat’s away….

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  • Kathy’s in the shop buying provisions for her and Jamie’s trip to London, she’s feeling a little guilty leaving Sid to cope on his own, Betty offers to help out if she’s able. As Kathy drives off Jolene arrives on the scene and is obviously looking forward to a spell behind the bar … when Betty interrupts and Sid agrees that he could probably do with an extra pair of hands. Jolene, we hear, is wearing a skirt that, well, doesn’t she realise it’s February?
  • Jennifer’s been trying to track Roy down and eventually collars him at work at Grey Gables. She’s a little affronted that Phoebe’s spending so much time with Hayley, after all she’s her grandmother and she’d be more than willing to have her for longer. Hayley’s not a member of the family and Kate’s going to be back soon anyway. Roy, though, decides that a few home truths are in order and tries to make Jennifer see a little more clearly – Kate’s not going to be back any time soon, six months or more is not unlikely.
  • This news doesn’t please her, but Brian’s in complete agreement – pointing out that she’s been more than a little blind where Kate is concerned and maybe worrying about the two daughters she has still got around her would be an idea. Jennifer poo-poos that idea – Brian’s convinced there’s something wrong with Debbie, but no, Jennifer’s not noticed anything …
  • Closing time at The Bull and Jolene’s been a hit with a punter, Sid couldn’t get Betty off home quick enough and much slobbering follows. Jolene’s remembers that her car is in the car park, which could be a tad obvious, rather than call it a night, they decide to have a nightcap and then decide the best course of action ….