The valuers visit Grange Farm and reality bites for Eddie and Clarrie.

Radio Times: The counting starts.

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  • Eddie’s milking as normal, although their night was distinctly upset – neither he nor Clarrie could sleep and Joe’s just not interested. Two visitors arrive, Andy Foster, a representative of the court, and Charles Waring, a valuer from a Borchester firm. Eddie is not being helpful and, unsurprisingly, isn’t particularly welcoming. They’re there to value the farm’s asset to get the best price at auction.
  • Shula’s got to cover for Chris at the stables and leaves Daniel in the capable and of Alistair. Unfortunately “her” son is a bit of a pain all day and, to cap it all, Harry the hamster gets free. He’s eventually recaptured and Daniel, in that way they do, wins back by delivering them glasses of wine!
  • The valuer is curious as to where the tractor is that Eddie does all his contract work with. Clarrie’s umming and ahhing but Eddie rescues the situation by claiming that it had been scrapped due to poor maintainance. The valuer knows his farm implements, although the suggestion that some of the older equipment would find home in theme pubs wasn’t the most popular observation. Eddie’s asked to continue milking the cows, even though they are no longer officially his, and he’ll be paid for the work, but he’d do it for nothing – it’s not their fault. The valuer thinks that the sale could be arranged for next Friday – there’s no point in hanging around. The future has never seemed so uncertain.