The Grundys are bankrupt and Jennifer is not happy with Hayley looking after Phoebe.

Radio Times: Jennifer feels sidelined.

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  • Debbie’s had a few problems with a sprayer but, far from bawling her out, Brian’s being very reasonable about it – surprisingly so. Even commiserating with her about the amount of lecturing Simon needs to do. She notices, but her mind is still elsewhere (even if she’s obviously not told her parents about Simon’s predicament).
  • The bunkruptcy hearing was over very quickly, followed by the ignominy of passing over bank details so that the accounts can be frozen (Clarrie wasn’t named, so her savings are safe). They commiserate with a drink as they face an uncertain future. They’ve a meeting in Birmingham on Friday, but Eddie wasn’t taking much in when it was discussed so he’s not sure what it was about.
  • Jill’s showing off photos of the twins (as well as still looking forward to the forthcoming house moving …), but when Jennifer mentions Phoebe, Jill’s revelation that Hayley’s minding her sparks a distinctly surprised reaction in Jenniffer. She politely invites Jill back for tea but takes the opportunity to tell Brian. Brian, with his new reasonable hat on, doesn’t see a problem – Hayley’s a trained nanny and is Roy’s girlfriend and Kate’s not around, but Jennifer’s most affronted and wants to confront Roy. Brian, though, points out that Debbie’s unhappy and that, if she was to shut up and look around her, she might see some people with real problems.