Joe’s resigned to losing everything, while Jolene is looking forward to being at the Bull all week.

Radio Times: Joe considers the past and the future.

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  • Joe’s kicked the baccie and the humbugs, but every little bit doesn’t help much given the debt they’re confronting. Although, ironically, the grand and a half under the floorboards means they’re as well off now as ever. Some spuds from Brookfield and some yoghurts from Bridge Farm aren’t helping that much – but a little support is heartening.
  • Pat’s being supportive of Clarrie, but Tony’s worried about her in the next week or so. It’s the anniversary of John’s death on Friday, as well as Peggy arranging a birthday party for Tommy which he’s unlikely to even be there for. Tony has, though, been going through some shop particulars as the planning for their venture continues apace. Sid had dropped in to collect some yoghurt and there are a few surprised murmours that Jolene would be covering for Kathy.
  • David’s minding the kids at the playground and Joe comes and sits and quietly watches. Jolene wanders past looking for Sid and Joe, remembering that she and Eddie wonders at what might have been and, given the graft that Clarrie puts in, has no regrets that Eddie made the right choice.
  • Sid had been out with Kathy and Jamie and Jolene was giving him a bad time about being unavailable – what with his broken phone. She feels sorry for Clarrie, who looks exhausted and somehow manages to conclude that Sid is better husband material that Eddie would have been. She’s promising him a good week, although Sid’s a little worried – Jolene promises that Kathy won’t hear it about them from her.