Jolene gets her feet behind the bar of the Bull and Ruth and David plot to keep Brookfield.

Radio Times: Jolene seizes the opportunity.

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  • Sid had had a good night out last night with Jolene – it was a late night too. He even managed to excuse taking a shower before bed because of Kathy’s dislike of stale smoke. (She works in a pub?!) Kathy still has not clue about the situation, which gets worse (or better, depending on your perspective). An old school friend of hers lives in London and has suggested she bring Jamie down to see the Dome during his half term next week. Sid couldn’t be more keen to see them go! A few staffing problems arise which need ironing out …
  • Ruth and David are still plotting a third child – both keen on the idea. Of course, they’ve also realised that this oculd be the perfect gambit for staying put in Brookfield when, with the renovation of Woodbine Cottage complete, the current round of musical houses finishes.
  • Clarrie can cover for Kathy in the restaurant, but Betty’s busy and can’t really help behind the bar. Jolene, though, spots her chance and fairly falls over herself to asks. Sid, though, is not keen on the idea. He’s very nervous of having her behind the bar. Kathy, poor innocent Kathy, has no such reservations and agrees to the idea.