Pat offer Clarrie some cash to help out and Ruth’s getting clucky again.

Radio Times: Ruth asks for more.

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  • It’s Pip’s seventh birthday party and Jill’s been a star in the organisation. Ruth’s very grateful for it and, in the calm before the storm, they admit that when Woodbine Cottage is finished, which would free up the bungalow, Brookfield wouldn’t feel the same. Only then David arrives and Brookfield is filled with 7 year old girls. Fortunately one of them is Becky, one of Hayley’s charges, so an extra pair of hands comes in useful!
  • Pat discusses with Tony what they can do to help the Grundys. He promises to offer Eddie as much work as he can, which might mount up if the shop plans go ahead, but that’s no help in the near future. He’s not keen on offering them a cash advance, but Pat goes right ahead anyway. She offers Clarrie £500 as a retainer for Eddie. Clarrie’s thankful.
  • Pip’s a little disappointed Lily and Freddie weren’t there to be shown off and she’s quite keen on having a little sister. David has generally fond memories of being in a large family in Brookfield. Ruth, while happy to see her two children developing into people in their own right, wonders whether another baby is an idea …..