Clarrie tells all to Pat, as Bridge Farm looks to a prosperous, exciting future.

Radio Times: Clarrie confesses the truth.

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  • Ruth and David and putting up some pig arcs – and Tony appears, primarily to try and talk to them about the shop (which they do, over a lunchtime pint), but also to accept their birthday wishes, they remember especially because Pip’s is tomorrow and big celebrations are planned!
  • Pat and Clarrie stop for a quiet tea break and Pat takes the chance to firmly, but gently, get some information from Clarrie. It’s a blessed relief to tell the tale and the beans and spilled. Pat’s shocked to hear that things have got to this, but Clarrie’s resignation is palpable. Grange Farm is dead to her.
  • Hayley calls in to Bridge Farm to drop off a present for Tony – and gets the cold shoulder from Helen. Pat’s more pleased to see her although Hayley’s nervous of her reaction to the news of her relationship with Roy, but Pat gives her her blessing.
  • Tony, swayed by Ruth’s observation that too much of the profits are not being made by the farmers, gives the shop project his blessing. Helen’s on-side and Pat’s pleased that things look so rosy. Unlike some, they’ve got a future, and she tells Tony about the Grundys news and wonders if there’s anything that they can do for them.