Desperate times: Eddie sells his tractor at a massive loss and Simon’s having trouble keeping hold of Debbie.

Radio Times: Daylight robbery at Grange Farm.

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  • The official confirmation that they should appear in court on Monday has arrived at Grange Farm. It’s a shock for Clarrie to see it in black and white.
  • Simon’s having trouble explaining himself to Debbie. They’d both had sleepness nights and some of his defences seems a little glib and perhaps not entirely appropriate targets for humour. He tries to convince Debbie that she was the one and only time he’s fallen for a student, but there’s doubt there – whether she can cover it up or not. He’s vehemently protesting his innocence though.
  • Pat almost gets Clarrie to spill the beans – but Helen bounces in and Clarrie takes the chance to go home for lunch. Pat discusses the plans for a shop with Helen who is very keen on the idea.
  • Clarrie returns home to find Eddie hiding some money under the floorboards. He’s managed to sell the tractor, but only for £1,000 – although it’s worth three times that. He got £300 for the hedge trimmer, too. Although hiding the cash is probably illgeal he really couldn’t care less. Desperate times.