Valentine’s Day has mixed blessings in Ambridge.

Radio Times: Is history repeating itself?

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  • Sid’s not getting into the mood of Valentine’s Day, although Kathy wants the Bull to be a place of romance. Briefly, he finds some on the phone with Jolene but when Kathy interrupts he panics and drops the phone, breaking it!
  • Hayley and Roy have a minor disagreement about Kate’s continued absence, Roy’s defending her a little, but Hayley can’t see it. They make it up later when Hayley reveals that she told Josey that she’d lose her as a nanny if she wasn’t allowed to take Phoebe. Roy’s very touched by her feelings for his daughter.
  • Jolene turns up to the Bull and Kathy, who still doesn’t suspect, leaves Sid to look after her!
  • Simon’s a little off colour, first in the Bull, then when he gets home. Debbie’s dolled up for a surprise evening out but he’s not in the mood. He’s been suspended from the university on a change of sexual harrassment!