Sid’s phone doesn’t stop ringing and Kate’s not coming home just yet.

Radio Times: Sid gets a wrong number.

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  • Pat’s delivering emergency yoghurt supplies to Home Farm to sate Phoebe. She’s also worried that Tommy isn’t planning on turning up to a birthday party that’s being thrown in his honour by Peggy and, because it’s also meant to commemerate the anniversary of John’s death, she would like as many as possible of the family to turn out. In other news: Tommy’s got himself a new girlfriend (Kirsty is, it seems, out of sight and out of mind) and Debbie’s impressed with Pat’s vision of the new farm shop.
  • Hayley and Roy are in the Bull for a swift one before collecting Phoebe and Hayley’s going to try again to get Josey to let her mind Phoebe too – she doesn’t want a repeat of Friday if she can help it. They’re planning to go clubbing in Brum tomorrow – not spending Valentine’s evening in the Bull!
  • Sid’s phone is going off a lot and there will be a limit to the number of wrong numbers that Kathy’s going to believe …
  • Jennifer’s still sure that Kate’s return is imminent … that is until she rings. The details are sketchy and the situation decidely fluid, but far from returning, Kate’s heading south …