As hopes rise over the model car race, Eddie senses an opportunity for profit.

Radio Times: Eddie is ready to activate.

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  • Julia is going to take some persuading to go to the village fête. Dunking the vicar and others is undignified for professional people, to say nothing of the doctor’s wife telling fortunes. Nigel is confident of winning the model car race but first he needs to buy a new car; it seems that orange juice does not suit the control box and it is dead.
  • In a lull between garden ornament sales, Eddie quizzes Ed about the row he had with William last night. It was about Ed getting a proper job and about William being jealous of Ed over Emma Carter. Eddie seems to believe him. Nigel calls by and shows off the new model car. This gives Eddie an idea: with so many people convinced they are going to win he could make a few bob with some side bets.
  • At lunchtime, Kathy appraises Hayley’s ideas for school visit activity plans; she approves, although she has some warnings about health and safety precautions. She is worried about Jamie being bored with the younger children and Hayley suggests getting some of his friends over. Kathy herself is finding life at April Cottage a bit quiet after The Bull.
  • At Keeper’s Cottage, Ed is getting in some driving practice, in a model car this time – with spikes. He has already managed to take a piece out of his mum’s sideboard. When neighbour Kathy comes home and the car is quickly secreted away. Through Kathy’s admiration of Eddie’s van, she learns that it will soon be adorned with signs declaring Eddie as a landscape gardener. Eddie has seen Sid and Jamie practising with their car, the Bull-dozer; more correctly Sid was practising and Jamie was looking bored. It is all very silly, for the honour of The Bull, but Eddie begins to see the prospect of really cleaning up.

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