Ed defies William. Matt defies nature.

Radio Times: Fallon just wants the facts.

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  • William has not as much done as Greg expected but this is because there are so many birds bent on escape. Brian calls to tell them what they already know and he is surprised to learn that George is helping them keep on top of the problem. Greg gets a call on his mobile.
  • Fallon disturbs Ed’s slumber to confront him about Alice’s accident. He denies it of course but is curious about whether Alice is badly hurt.
  • Greg’s phone call is cut short by George’s arrival who commiserates about shoot owners; he has been there himself. Fallon turns up, rather noisily, looking for William; that’s odd, they thought she was keen on Ed. George is rather surprised that Greg still has some birds in the pens. This is a sore point; Matt Crawford wants the shooting season extended to October, so Greg has to keep some birds back. Of course, Crawford doesn’t realise that this will kill off the wild partridges and there aren’t many of them left.
  • Fallon shares her suspicions with William, admitting that she had done some joyriding herself with Ed but not on this occasion; she has seen the danger signs and stopped before someone got hurt. Now she fears that Ed has turned his attention to Emma and she may be in danger.
  • George again seeks Brian in vain but he reports Matt Crawford’s latest wheeze to Jennifer; the man simply doesn’t understand the seasons.
  • William is no more successful than Fallon in extracting an admission from Ed about Alice’s accident; he denies everything and defies his brother to tell their mum. William warns him not to get Emma Carter involved in joyriding.

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