Ashok surprises Usha with his plans for the future; Kenton surprises everyone, as usual!

Radio Times: Kenton’s party gets out of hand.

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  • Usha calls on Ruth to see how her trip to see her Mum went. Ruth hopes Usha will be at Kenton’s party later on – and even more so when Usha reveals that she is having dinner with Ashok first … !
  • Fallon and Jazzer are wondering where to go to celebrate Halloween – the party at the Bull is mainly for families, a bit tame. But not so the Gothic Horror one at Kenton’s. Even though they haven’t been invited, they’re sure Kenton won’t mind who comes, and anyway, says Jazzer, it’s possible Greg might be there. Fallon’s not sure she likes the sound of that …
  • Jaxx seems to be full of people David and Ruth don’t know. Elizabeth is pleased to see them for that very reason! She’s already lost Nigel – probably to Kenton’s poker school. The three are amazed at Kenton’s Rocky Horror outfit – complete with high heels …
  • Ashok gives Usha one of his father’s paintings, even though she never met him. He talks intimately to her about his family, then announces that in future, he is going to be an artist.
  • Ruth and Elizabeth share a moment about the prospect of meeting the gorgeous Ashok and how pleased they are for Usha that he is back. David arrives with some revolting-looking Halloween cocktails and says that Nigel and Kenton are now trying to persuade Alistair into a game of poker. Elizabeth gets in a mention about Woodbine Cottage being for sale. Apparently Matt Crawford has already put in an offer way under the asking price.
  • Ashok is looking for an outlet for his paintings and for beautiful artefacts he’s brought back from his travels. Usha thinks Elizabeth would be a source of information about small galleries.
  • Fallon and Jazzer arrive at Jaxx. He wants to make a phone call before they go in …
  • Elizabeth sounds enthusiastic about Ashok’s future plans. Usha thinks Kenton looks fabulous but he seems disappointed that Ruth, David, Elizabeth and Nigel are all about to leave – something to do with a late night practise run with Alistair? Ashok doesn’t play poker but Usha sounds really interested. A group of gatecrashers arrive and David goes to help Kenton sort them out.
  • Jazzer and his mates have realised that Greg isn’t at the party after all and leave for the pub without causing any trouble other than tossing a few ribald remarks, not surprisingly, at Kenton! David expresses his relief to Ruth, but also his reservations about when Jack finds out about all the noise and excitement outside the café. Kenton could be in for more than he bargained for!

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