It’s curtains for Kenton as Jack’s patience is exhausted.

Radio Times: Kenton’s future looks unsure.

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  • Now that harmony is restored between them, Helen is helping Greg get ready for the shoot. They’re still not sure how to entertain the girls at Christmas; beating for the Boxing Day shoot might not go down well, but there’s always the temporary skating rink in Borchester. Greg will email them to ask what they’d like to do. In fact he’s in such a good mood that he wants to ask Pat and Tony round for a meal.
  • Harmony isn’t the order of the day at Jaxx Café, though. Jack has had complaints from the neighbours about Kenton’s Hallowe’en party, and he’s come to have it out with Kenton, who makes it clear that he would much rather be watching the rugby. Kenton’s attempts to wriggle out of the lecture don’t cut much ice with Jack.
  • At Glebe Cottage, David gets busy with the chain-saw before Phil gets home and tries to do the job himself. He tells Jill that they are thinking of sending Pip to Borchester Green, though they’re not sure how good the music teaching is now that there’s a new Head. Peggy arrives and tells them she and Jack have heard some excellent concerts there.
  • While Peggy tots up the Poppy Appeal takings, Jack tells her he’s finally had enough of Kenton’s lies and irresponsible behaviour; when his contract runs out at the end of the month, Jack resolves that he’ll be looking for a new manager.

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