Nigel makes a big mistake and loses heavily at poker – don’t tell Lizzie!

Radio Times: Caroline faces a tough decision.

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  • It’s the night for Kenton’s poker school, and Kenton is unusually low in spirits. Jack has been so unfair to him, and he really had invited Jack and Peggy to the Halloween party – well, he meant to, anyway. He thinks Jack might even throw him out of Jaxx at the end of the month. Nigel still isn’t sure of the rules, and hasn’t brought enough cash. Kenton just opens up the till – an IOU will be fine. The game gets underway, and is very tense, with Nigel making some costly mistakes.
  • Back at home, and over a gin and tonic, Caroline and Shula are looking forward to the new season’s hunting. Caroline confides to Shula that she’s not at all sure about Oliver’s fostering idea; there could be so many problems, as Oliver’s daughter pointed out to her at the weekend. She’s concerned that Oliver might think her selfish if she doesn’t go along with the idea, and their relationship is going so well at present. Shula thinks they shouldn’t rush into things.
  • Caroline’s not the only one with problems. Beginner’s luck doesn’t exactly come Nigel’s way, and he has to put a big IOU in the till, swearing the others to keep it from Lizzie, who just might get it all out of proportion.

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