The truth is revealed; Kenton really had invited Jack to the Halloween party.

Radio Times: Nigel is in the dog house.

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  • Brian’s enforced rest is making him irritable, and he has to bite his tongue so as not to make unfavourable comparisons between Debbie and Adam. He just wants to get back to work, but Jenny won’t let him out of her sight, and keeps him trussed up like Paddington Bear. Adam tries hard to sound sympathetic, but when Brian starts whinging about money problems it’s not easy. Luckily Peggy arrives to fuss over Brian on Jenny’s behalf.
  • Nigel is busy feeding Jasper the hawk, and Hayley brings Freddie along to watch. Freddie seems to think that Jasper is fed on cats, which might cause Lynda some concern should she get to hear about it. Hayley is finding life at Willow Farm a bit difficult, especially since Mike has enlisted her help in learning his lines for the Mystery Play. She asks Nigel for money to buy indoor fireworks, and as Nigel’s wallet was well and truly emptied at the Poker school, he has to raid the petty cash, which does not amuse Lizzie. Poor Nigel gets a major lecture, but he still maintains it was just bad luck, and that he’ll soon do better.
  • After lunch, Brian manages to escape for a walk with Jack. Alice has found Jack’s diary, which he lost on his last visit. When he gets home he leafs through it to see what this week’s engagements are – and discovers that Kenton had indeed invited them to his Hallowe’en party. Jack is overcome with remorse; how could he have been so unkind to Kenton?

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