Kenton has the upper hand, turning Jack’s embarrassment into a one year contract.

Radio Times: Opportunity knocks for Kenton.

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  • As they disbud the cattle, David and Ruth mull over their visit to Borchester Green. The ICT facilities were impressive, but it looks as though music is on the decline, which wouldn’t suit Pip. Phil overhears their conversation and has an alternative to offer – why not send Pip to the Cathedral school in Felpersham? The fees are the first obstacle, and they’d have to give Josh and Ben the same opportunity – but maybe some of the money from the sale of Woodbine Cottage could pay the fees.
  • Kenton is still feeling bruised from his run-in with Jack, and even sounds Jolene out about the possibility of a job at the Bull. But he’s nowhere near as bruised as Jazzer, whose appearance is causing Oliver some concern, along with the problem of a missing whipper-in for tomorrow’s hunt.
  • Over the village bonfire, Jack makes a handsome apology to Kenton, who is not noticeably gracious about it, and applies some heavy emotional blackmail to force Jack into extending his contract to a year.

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