Ambridge gets political in the hunting debate. Lynda finally finds her ‘Mary’.

Radio Times: Lynda’s llamas cause chaos.

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  • Never one to admit defeat, Lynda decides to tackle Susan about playing the lead in her Mystery Play. Susan falls for Lynda’s flattery, and accepts with delight – but is confused as to whether Lynda or Alan is in charge. Lynda soon puts her right on that one, and sails off to walk her llamas.
  • Back at Glebe Cottage, the atmosphere is rather tense as Jill rounds on Phil for interfering in David and Ruth’s affairs, namely where Pip will go to secondary school. Phil is all for cultivating Pip’s musical talent; Jill thinks independent schools are socially divisive and morally unacceptable.
  • Meanwhile the hunt is meeting on the green, but the rural idyll is shattered when the llamas panic at the sight of the hounds, then charge them. Oliver and Caroline eventually manage to restore order, but Oliver lets Lynda know what he thinks of her llama management skills. Lynda responds with an anti-hunting tirade, saying she’s glad that hunting is on the way out; Oliver tells her that hunting is by no means on the way out. Not by a long chalk.