It’s decisions all round, in particular, Caroline decides to explore fostering.

Radio Times: Alan and Lynda have artistic clashes.

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  • Alan rehearses the second and third shepherds, while they await the arrival of the first shepherd, who is busy getting the Brookfield herd in for milking. It’s a big test of Alan’s patience, with Mike making directorial suggestions and Joe wanting to adapt the lines to include an ad. for Grundy turkeys, but Alan insists that his decisions should be final.
  • Property tycoon Matt Crawford has put in an offer for Woodbine Cottage, to David’s annoyance. It’s below the asking price, but so far it’s the only sign of interest. David and Ruth make a decision to go and look at Felpersham Cathedral School before finally making up their minds about Pip’s future.
  • At Grange Farm, Oliver and Caroline enjoy a drink by the fire, and manage to laugh about the mishaps at yesterday’s meet. Caroline has managed to think the fostering idea through. She and Oliver seem so close now, despite, or perhaps because of, the difficulties and challenges they faced in the early days of their relationship, so she thinks they should explore the possibilities further.

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