It emerges that Matt Crawford’s Ambridge acquisitions include the old surgery.

Radio Times: Lynda gets creative.

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  • As in many places, there is a Remembrance Day service in Ambridge. It evokes memories for Oliver of happy years spent in the army.
  • Oliver has been trying, without success, to fill the vacancy for a hunt whipper-in. He gets no sympathy from Lynda who believes the job will not exist for long. He thinks that maybe recruiting via the Job Centre would be asking for trouble, so will stick to word of mouth.
  • Susan is on time for rehearsal but Kenton is late, so Lynda implores Susan really to get into the part: is there anything in her own life which would help her to appreciate how Mary felt, fearing that she would be shunned by everyone? (Is she trying to be funny?) Fortunately the conversation is cut short by the arrival of Joseph and Lucifer in the shape of Kenton and Graham Ryder. Graham obligingly reads the part of Gabriel, since Lynda has not yet cast anyone for that role.
  • Kenton winds her up by playing Joseph as a very old man but is brought under control with a sharp reminder of why he is there in the first place; he must be ‘foursquare’ behind Lynda in this production!
  • Lynda has discovered that the original productions had elaborate sets and has visions of Gabriel descending from heaven – on a crane, maybe. Alan would dearly like to hear Robert’s reaction when Lynda puts this idea to him.
  • Graham introduces himself to Alan with the news that he has been involved with arranging the lease of the Vicarage, lately the surgery but now temporarily a vicarage again. Why is he involved? Because Matt Crawford owns the place.

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