Elizabeth stirs up trouble again over money and Matt Crawford offers over the odds for Woodbine Cottage.

Radio Times: Elizabeth is on the warpath.

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  • Oh dear, oh dear, Bert is in the doghouse. Today he was planning to put up his new shed but his helper, Joe Grundy, has let him down. All his tools are in the spare room and Freda is not pleased. Ruth volunteers to help; it shouldn’t take more than an hour with two of them.
  • Phil and Jill are still divided on the subject of Pip’s education. Jill thinks Phil is so keen on the Felpersham Cathedral School because he would have liked to have gone there himself. Phil is prepared to help out financially.
  • On the construction site, all is not well. Bert has unpacked everything but they seem to be short of the brackets shown in the assembly instructions. Just as things are getting difficult, David arrives to lend a hand.
  • Elizabeth has called on Jill and, after sharing her worries about Nigel’s poker playing, spots the Felpersham prospectus. Have you seen the fees! So David and Ruth are selling Woodbine Cottage to finance Pip’s education.
  • The shed should by now be stable but nobody sounds convinced, as a determined Elizabeth turns up, wanting a word. David assures her (though it is really none of her business) that they have not decided where to send Pip and that they are selling Woodbine Cottage because the farm needs the funds. While David is thus occupied, Bert brings the shed crashing down but finds the missing brackets in the process. Elizabeth declares this to be an illustration of Brookfield’s competence.
  • Phil has taken a phone call and reports that Matt Crawford has increased his offer to £180K, that’s £5K above the asking price. Keen, isn’t he!

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