Usha speaks up on Ashok’s behalf and Elizabeth is impressed with his work as an artist.

Radio Times: Usha gets into training.

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  • Brian is back at work, although Jennifer worries that he is doing too much. She has heard from Jill about Matt Crawford’s increased offer on Woodbine Cottage; Brian is at a loss to understand why Matt is so keen to boost Brookfield’s finances – there is no love lost between him and David.
  • Elizabeth calls to pick up Usha; when they have collected Nigel they will be heading for a gallery in Birmingham where Ashok is exhibiting some of his work. Usha has been killing time by playing poker on the internet with real people all over the world. She only plays for points but there are other ‘tables’ where the stakes can be quite high. Please don’t tell Nigel!
  • Ashok is nervous about this evening; if his mad career change is to be a success, this event must go well. Elizabeth is suitably impressed with his work and, when Usha pushes him to explain about the consignment of Indian art and artefacts currently in transit, she readily agrees to look at them too when they arrive.
  • As Nigel and Elizabeth peruse the rest of the exhibits, she expresses some regret that she cannot recognise Ruairidh’s birthday on Friday; she has no address, not even email, for Siobhán.
  • Brian is already enjoying a soak but the addition of a G & T and a back-scrub make it perfect. Alice has just gone out with a tall 17 year old called Harry and he wonders whether this new worry will take over from horses or be an additional one. They discuss some options for the CAP Mid-term Review and, though Brian does not have all the answers, there is one thing they can do right away and he will take the first steps tomorrow.

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