As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Jazzers mates catch up with Greg and administer justice.

Radio Times: Greg learns to watch his back.

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  • Greg is the first to discover the nature Brian’s plan to make more money from the farm. He is to do some research on how to pack in 25% more shooting days next year; Brian wants a costed proposal by the end of the month.
  • Joe is early for the shepherds’ rehearsal and is intrigued by the presence of several cans of beer. They are for later, when they think they deserve it. Bert attacks his speech with vigour until Alan points out that a shepherd who has been up since early morning would be really tired.
  • Over dinner, Greg is deep in thought and feeling put upon. How can Brian Aldridge expect him and William to cope with 25% extra; they are working flat out already. Helen advises that he must include in his budget the extra casual help he will need – simple! He goes off on his rounds a happier man.
  • Meanwhile the shepherds are talking of quenching their thirst, so it’s time to open the beer. Alan wants them to drink what is commonly drunk today, so cans are ideal. Has he talked to Lynda about this modern interpretation? Just leave Lynda to him!
  • Out in the woods something stirs. Something or somebody. Several bodies in fact, all bent on giving Greg a good kicking. This time it is Jazzer who reins in the violence and calls off his mates. Greg manages to call Helen on his mobile – bring the first aid kit.
  • Helen is shocked. Who would do such a thing, they are animals. He should go to hospital and call the police. No, he just wants to go home. This sort of thing goes with the job. It looks worse than it is and anyway he didn’t see their faces. So no police and no hospital.

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