Brookfield’s struggle against TB is not over; it has spread to the Herefords.

Radio Times: Bad news for Brookfield.

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  • Oliver and Joe are Borchester-bound, one to do some food shopping as instructed by Caroline and one to get a flu jab – and a few copies of the Echo.
  • At Brookfield they await Alistair, to re-check the herd for TB. Ruth confirms to David that he did the right thing in turning down Phil’s offer of financial help for Pip’s schooling; that is their responsibility and she would have done the same.
  • In the veg shop, Oliver gets a briefing from Helen on what happened to Greg, who has insisted on working today. He thinks (and she has clearly swallowed the line) that he was beaten up by anti-hunt protesters, so Oliver ought to pass the word. Jolene was also in the shop but did not appear to hear, or she would have put two and two together.
  • So far so good; all the milkers are TB-free. As they take a coffee break, David tries unsuccessfully to call Tim Hathaway and Joe arrives with copies of the Echo; it carries an article about “turkey farmer’s fight against the planners”.
  • Judging by his shopping, Oliver has an exotic meal to look forward to sometime soon, but today it’s “Toad in the Hole” at The Bull. Jolene is keen to interest him in their forthcoming gourmet nights but the timing might be wrong: Caroline will be very busy as Christmas approaches.
  • As Ruth introduces Ben to the delights of weaning a calf, David brings the news that there are three TB reactors among the Herefords. Oh God! (Dead Ringers take note: not “Oh no!”)

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