Kenton finishes the poker evening well down, thanks to Usha; David is down too, over the TB.

Radio Times: Usha teaches Kenton a lesson.

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  • It’s poker night at Jaxx but Kenton is only expecting four players.
  • David is working like a man possessed but is persuaded to take five minutes for a cup of tea. He is bent on making the shed badger-proof before the Bert brings the cows in. Alistair calls with commiserations and fruit buns from Shula. (Just like mum!) David has been in touch with Tim about the buyer of Honeysuckle Cottage. It was Matt Crawford. He seems to be buying every available cottage; well, he’s not getting Woodbine Cottage!
  • When Jazzer meets Fallon she takes him to task: Greg was in the pub last night looking as if he had been hit by a truck. Jazzer hadn’t laid a finger on him but did admit to a supervisory role; he had it coming. Fallon agrees that Greg had gone too far but implores Jazzer to let it go now.
  • Kenton’s forecast was wrong. As expected there is himself, Nigel, Alistair and the almost silent Ronnie from the photographers but a fifth player comes onto the scene – Usha. She intends to keep a clear head, drinking just water. With only Usha and Kenton left in play, the stakes rise and Usha calls. Kenton has a flush. So has Usha and “it does beat yours doesn’t it?” It certainly does.
  • Usha’s winning does not stop there. What about next week? Usha would be up for it but Kenton is not sure what he will be doing!
  • Ruth awakes and finds David gone, tending a birth, while the likes of Derek Fletcher sleep soundly; they haven’t the first idea. It’s a nice heifer calf, great! But David does not share Ruth’s enthusiasm: what is it all about; he doesn’t know any more.

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