Even though burglars have robbed St Stephen’s, it’s service with a smile.

Radio Times: Disaster at St Stephen’s.

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  • Bert and Neil arrive at St. Stephen’s to discover that the church has been broken into and burgled. Bert is particularly upset, because as Church Warden, he is responsible for security. When Alan arrives, he insists that the break-in must not interfere with the service, and quickly takes up Neil’s suggestion of using the Bull.
  • Because Phil is busy helping the forensic team at the church, Alan asks Jolene to provide the music on her keyboard. It’s certainly a service with a difference, musically speaking, but it goes down very well. Alan seizes the moment to abandon his sermon and extemporise, appropriately enough on the second Sunday before Advent, about Readiness. (Even Ambridge has embraced the Common Worship Lectionary).
  • Oliver’s wish to foster a child is still on Caroline’s mind, especially since they have taken steps to discuss it with a social worker. She thinks the powers-that-be will think them too posh; Oliver is much more positive. Caroline’s fears are not much allayed by Jolene showing photos of Lucy’s baby around; she just feels an outsider, and even Shula’s attempts to cheer her up fall flat. But all her worries are eclipsed by Ambridge’s latest piece of bad news. Not only has the hunt’s whipper-in already done a runner, now the huntsman has had a heart attack. As Ruth would have said, had she been there – OH NO.

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