Tea and sympathy at the stables – for Oliver about fostering and Ruth about schooling.

Radio Times: Ed gets a new opportunity.

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  • Things are doubly gloomy at Brookfield. David is throwing himself into non-stop work because of the TB problems, and Bert still blames himself for the break-in at the church. Phil tries hard to console him, but doesn’t have much effect.
  • And things at the Netherbourne kennels aren’t much brighter. The hounds are missing Carl, and will have to make do with Ed Grundy as temporary kennel-man. Ed isn’t exactly enthusiastic at the prospect (though maybe he will be when he discovers that Oliver has arranged for him to move in with Sandra) but at least it will keep Clarrie off Ed’s back.
  • David has to deal with the valuer, so it’s left to Ruth and Phil to take Pip for a look around the Cathedral School. Needless to say she’s hugely impressed – it’s just like Hogwarts – and even Ruth has to admit the facilities are wonderful. She’s worried that Pip won’t fit in or feel out of her depth academically, but Phil is even more sure that it’s the right place for Pip.
  • To Oliver’s relief, Shula offers to act as whipper-in for the next meet. As she makes Oliver a cup of tea, he tells her that Caroline is very apprehensive about the impending social-worker visit. As soon as Oliver has gone, Ruth arrives, wanting Shula’s advice about schools. The ever-sensible Shula suggests making an appointment with the music teacher at Borchester Green. A relieved Ruth wishes such a simple solution could be found to the TB.

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