At the Bull the storm breaks and afterwards all is well.

Radio Times: Tom does some serious networking.

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  • All hands to the pumps! Tom has had a call from Wesley’s successor at the supermarket, Tamsin Butler; she is coming for a surprise inspection, although she didn’t put it quite in those terms.
  • Sid is puzzled about who is sending his wife flowers. They are from Curly: the band has been offered a three week tour on the south coast and Jolene is thinking about it. Sid is aghast; would she leave him to cope with the pub alone – for three weeks.
  • Tamsin is satisfied with what she has seen and they repair to Tom’s office; he presses the case for going national but the lady will not be rushed. They may be just another supplier to the supermarket but Tom emphasises how important the jobs are for the locals. Talking of locals – how about lunch?
  • Sid lays down the law: the flowers have to go.
  • Tom’s lunch stretched out quite a bit but he didn’t get his own way over the wider distribution of his sausages – yet. He thinks he will be seeing Tamsin again and seems hardly to have noticed when Susan points out what a looker she is.
  • Jolene digs her heels in over the flowers. Regarding leaving Sid to cope, wasn’t that just what he did? Then she gets to the point: he gave Kathy a big bunch of red roses on Valentines Day – Beth saw him with them. Sid explains the background and admits to a silly fib about helping Jamie with his homework. Jolene thought she had lost him; she didn’t say anything earlier because she didn’t want to hear that it was true about Sid and Kathy. They are certainly closer and they are friends again but that’s all; Jolene won’t be losing Sid – he loves her and always will.

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