The donkey entertains the congregation and Ed entertains the webcam viewer.

Radio Times: Alan requires some animal magic.

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  • What are mums for – if not to get the grandchildren ready for church while their mum has a lie in; such is Ruth’s treat this Palm Sunday morning. Heather is taking them to Darrington for the service – complete with donkey.
  • Helen has completed phase one of her mission: the donkey is at Darrington church, munching its way through the carrots that Helen has wisely brought with her.
  • Clarrie too is off to Darrington to help with the children’s procession. Ed declines to go along himself but wistfully observes that Beth would have liked it. He feels she was too good for him and had other plans. Clarrie encourages him to make plans of his own; Fallon was asking about him and he would be doing Emma a favour to spend time with her. He is not in the mood to do anyone favours right now.
  • Ruth is taking advantage of the opportunity to spend time with Ben; as they feed the ducks, what on earth is Ed doing? He’s just giving Joe something to look at; Joe is at Linda Snell’s again, watching the webcam.
  • The children’s procession proves more lively than planned; their loud “Hosanna” spooks the donkey but fortunately the gate is shut and he cannot escape.
  • With calm restored, Helen leads donkey and children once round the church. Some of the congregation have resolved to come to the rest of the Easter week services, just to see if Alan can top today’s show. He is rather glad that Mabel wasn’t here to see it – she arrives tomorrow. Helen has not been put off; she will be coming to church again.

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