Emma find Kenton a replacement for her at the caff and she tries to make better friends with Ed.

Radio Times: Emma comes to Kenton’s rescue.

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  • Pip is still being a bit quiet about her new friend Izzy. Ruth has suggested she come round to watch a DVD but Pip isn’t sure.
  • Easter plans are full steam ahead at Lower Loxley. Meanwhile, Helen is still worried about how to get the donkey to Darrington but she gets to borrow the Brookfield trailer. David warns her the donkey can be a bit frisky!
  • Kenton is trying to poach Helen’s staff to cover for Emma but she’s having nothing of it. He also tries to get Emma to stay on longer too but she also turns him down. But it turns out she has found someone for him instead.
  • Ed is getting back into the party scene now Beth has gone. He says things haven’t turned out badly but Emma isn’t so sure. She suggests he drops round now she’s on maternity leave but Ed doesn’t sound keen.

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