Romantic problems with both Sid and Jolene and Kirsty and Tom at loggerheads but Helen is getting on well with Alan

Radio Times: The green-eyed monster reigns at The Bull.

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  • Sid visits Kathy and starts complaining about Jolene’s new band. She’s dropped him in it a few times. But he leaves pretty quickly when Kenton turns up. Kenton complains he hasn’t found a replacement for Emma but Kathy isn’t having any of it. It’s just Kenton’s usual way of putting things off again.
  • Helen is surprised to hear that Bruno apologised to the Grundys but Alan doesn’t think he is necessarily all bad. He’s persuaded Helen to go to another Lent talk, then they will be able to finish their chat about faith. She ends up offering to help him get his donkey to Darrington.
  • Kirsty is fed up with Tom. He’s neglecting her again. She ends up doing another shift at the Bull and isn’t very impressed. Tom turns up and it turns into a row.
  • The band does well at the Bull but Sid is determined to put a damper on it, complaining to everyone about how busy he is. He won’t even come up for one number. She says it’s no different to him helping Kathy but Sid sees it as just her enjoying herself.

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