Snatch tells Bruno the truth and so he apologises to the Grundys.

Radio Times: Bruno gets a reality check.

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  • Beth has sent some flowers to Clarrie as a thank you gift. Eddie is rather surprised she hasn’t sent anything special to Ed. But she did call him at least. Joe is missing her but he does tend to put his foot in it in front of Ed. It is probably down to all the problems with Bruno that made her leave. But it doesn’t seem very likely that Snatch is going to put things straight.
  • Lilian tells Brian of her worries about Jack. Jennifer has been worried too. It’s the second time he’s wandered off. She tries to tempt Brian and David to the Bull – she’s so alone with Matt focussed on the divorce but they have winter crops to examine.
  • Snatch did tell Bruno that Eddie didn’t know the meat was condemned but Bruno doesn’t see it makes any difference. He still refuses to apologise. Later Bruno begins to feel Snatch should have told him the truth to begin with. He doesn’t know what to believe.
  • Brian has had another picture from Siobhán. David thinks he can really see the similarity between them. It is such a pity they don’t live closer.
  • Joe has spent the day at the Snells’ watching the village webcam. It’s amazing what you can see. Then Oliver does turn up with Bruno who, with some help from Clarrie, does manage to get through an apology.

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