Matt moves the incriminating evidence out of Lilian’s house. Peggy still refuses to accept that Jack is not well.

Radio Times: Lilian starts to play dirty.

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  • Matt is still being followed by a private investigator. He gets Lilian to distract him while Matt removes the evidence.
  • Peggy is worried about leaving Jack to walk home by himself but he says he’ll be alright. Meantime they saw Lilian broken down by the side of the road – didn’t offer to help of course. But it seemed to work in distracting the detective. Even Lilian has become obsessed with the village webcam although Matt isn’t so impressed. Then Lilian spots Jack sitting on a bench in the rain – he thinks he’s lost his umbrella but isn’t sure where.
  • Tom is proud of his new order forecasting. It will all be part of Susan’s new office routine – then she can get rid of the packing and cleaning. That will mean Tom can get on with some serious marketing. He also wants to get back to having a social life. Kirsty is less than impressed with the way things are going.
  • Susan is impressed with the way the plasterers have got on with the work. She’s hoping they will move in in April sometime.
  • Lilian takes Jack home but Peggy is still reluctant to admit Jack has a problem. Everyone gets muddled at his age don’t they? She certainly doesn’t want to take him to see anyone. He’s not ill. He’s just tired. He’ll be fine in the morning.

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