Baby Spice goes to a new home and Marjorie decides that she must also move.

Radio Times: Bye-bye Baby Spice.

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  • It’s amazing what can be done with telegraph poles and galvanised sheet; Joe thinks their pole barn should get an award. Clarrie is more impressed by the fact that it is being filled with the junk from Keeper’s Cottage and she reminds her menfolk that there is more junk to be removed from Tony’s barn at Bridge Farm. Junk! Joe sees it as agricultural antiquities, e.g. his Susan’s old mangle, which was not in the farm sale because of its sentimental value.
  • (Topical insert about the fall of Baghdad.) Susan and Kathy exchange thoughts on the plight of Marjorie who, despite all the help from Roy and Hayley, seems to be finding it difficult to cope at Nightingale Farm.
  • Bye bye Baby Spice. She is off to a good home and Ed is pleased with the price. The money is going straight into the Building Society; together with the calf from Oliver, he reckons he has the beginnings of a beef enterprise. The general Grundy celebration about being landowners (for the first time) is interrupted by Lynda with news of a disaster.
  • Marjorie is glad to have the opportunity to talk things over with Suresh. She is fighting the inevitable decision that she needs to live where there is help always on hand. She is however worried about making Roy and Hayley homeless. The vicar’s advice is to get herself on the waiting list and use the time to come to terms with the change, also to give Roy and Hayley time to find somewhere else. In her heart of hearts she knows it is time to move.
  • Lynda is so sorry that her llamas have made such a mess of the Grundy’s garden and of Kathy’s too, undoing all Joe’s hard work. Actually they did not do much damage at all but Joe and Eddie milk the situation for all it is worth: Lynda offers Robert to come and help with the restoration (the heavy work, of course) and she will restock all the plants. Of course, they tell her, it could be construed as sabotage but the Grundy’s will be civilised and say no more about it. Result! Joe is very pleased with himself and feels it is a sign that the Grundy’s are on the way up.
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