David has decided to stand for election to the Parish Council.

Radio Times: Adam’s great idea.

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  • George is delighted, so is Chris; David hopes he has done the right thing while Ruth is fearful that he has taken on too much. All this seems a bit premature: although he has agreed to stand for the Parish Council, he has yet to be elected. Anyway he will go to observe the PC meeting tomorrow.
  • Debbie is still tetchy – this time because Adam did not turn up on time to help her shift bales. He was tending lambs and wonders about putting one on the bottle. Don’t you dare, such labour-intensive ideas belong in Africa not Ambridge. Debbie is not taken in by Brian’s tactics, spoiling their mum and Alice, but Adam urges a change of subject. It doesn’t last long. Adam suggests putting more effort into marketing the deer to get a better price. Forget it, Brian won’t be interested; Debbie thinks Adam will have more success asking for an expensive present.
  • Peggy is getting on with well her word processing at The Bull. She already has the typing skills, is struggling with icons but still abhors the mouse. George insists on helping, loses the morning’s work and is only saved from an early grave by Peggy having the nous to click Undo.
  • Debbie arrives at Brookfield in time to catch Ruth and David laughing off Ruth’s misgivings about the PC. Debbie herself is not full of the joys of spring, it only means more work, and she makes it quite clear that she will not be doing the Three Peaks: she has said ‘no’, why can’t people leave her alone!
  • Peggy confides to Jennifer that she plans to take a computer course. Jennifer shares her worries about Debbie who, in spite of his efforts, is still being foul to Brian. If only she would talk but it is not her way; the trouble is, they are not really sure what is.
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