Baby Spice puts a hoof on Jennifer’s lawn while Jazzer puts a hand in Sid’s till (again).

Radio Times: Baby Spice is on the rampage.

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  • At Home Farm, Hayley’s come to beg a favour: can Jennifer babysit Phoebe while she whisks Roy away on the holiday surprise? Payment is an opinion on Helen’s cheese – it’s awful. Neither she nor Jennifer would buy it, but do they have the nerve to tell Helen? Hayley is totally distracted by the sight of Baby Spice who has surprisingly appeared on the terrace. A crazy three minutes ensues while Hayley, squealing, proves that she’s no country girl at heart; she is hopeless at helping herd the damn cow back into the field. Finally they have to admit defeat and leave the contented bovine grazing on the pot plants. The Grundy name, like Jenny’s lawn, is mud!
  • Jazzer calls in at the Bull, after a drink; he’s already had one, or something like, and Fallon is anxious that Sid and Jolene don’t see him. She’s also very cross with him about the state Ed got into the other day. She goes to answer her mobile.
  • Tim and Janet are having lunch at a very nice restaurant. He tells her that Siobhán called – looking dreadful – and that he’s decided not to name Brian in the divorce. Janet thinks he’s made the right decision.
  • Fallon comes back in to find Jazzer with his hand in the till; she realises that it was him last week and accuses him. If her Mum or Sid find out that’ll be the end of Dross playing at the Bull. How can he be so stupid. He stomps off, unrepentant.
  • Brian and Jennifer finally get Baby Spice into the field – just as Eddie arrives. He’s not going to like the demands for compensation.
  • As they finish their meal, Janet delivers the news that she’s going to go off on a short retreat – about 5 days, just to get her head together. Its no threat to him, he realises that. He’s not happy, but resigned. She needs to take stock.

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