Shula puts on a great birthday party for Phil and Elizabeth but is worried about Daniel being branded as a bully.

Radio Times: It’s a double birthday celebration.

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  • At the joint birthday tea party everything’s going with a swing. Shula has made a wonderful cake and is duly congratulated, but over the clearing up confides to her mother and sister her worries over Daniel and the bullying at school. None of them can believe that he’s the perpetrator. But Shula and Alistair have been called to the school to see the headmistress. Daniel has pushed a child down some steps and is getting a reputation for being difficult.
  • Chris and George fetch them back to the party. Lizzie and Alistair are thrilled about being asked to be godparents to Ben – Tim will be asked on Friday.
  • A surreptitious call from Brian to Siobhán. He wants to see how she is; he is worried that she wasn’t looking well. A conversation about trimesters and sickness ensues. Can he imagine the baby? No, he doesn’t think he can. It’s different for a man! Maybe, Siobhán muses, the thing is that she actually wants it! He wants to know if she’s seen Tim. No, that isn’t the reason he phoned, he misses her but his life can’t just stop. He’s going to Cambridge and can’t take her but promises he’ll see her soon somehow.
  • Jill does some heavy reassuring; she’s sure the wretched arthritis is to blame for Daniel’s misbehaviour, but Shula is still dreading the interview with the headteacher tomorrow.
  • Phil is arguing the case for importing organic produce; Brian may be helping to develop the market. George isn’t sure; he think’s he’ll stick to growing his own. His garden is coming on really well. Jennifer’s isn’t though, George tells the story of the escape of Baby Spice. The party ends; they’re going to save a slice or two of cake for Kenton when he arrives tomorrow.

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