Kenton arrives late for the birthday party and Kathy leaves her date early.

Radio Times: The wanderer returns.

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  • The dullest episode I have ever had the misfortune of listening to – in 41 years of listening.
  • Kathy is on a date with the unspeakably dull Richard Campbell. He is an obsequious, beer drinking, shy, living with mother, menu-collecting, stapler salesman who is unfearing of distance in any shape or form. He is so dreadfully, dreadfully, unspeakingly boring – to Kathy as well as to the rest of us – that she rings Clarrie from the toilets, gets Clarrie to ring her at the table. And legs it!
  • At Glebe Cottage the prodigal son is welcomed home. Surprisingly (?) he is tired and yawned a lot. He doesn’t seem to be all that impressed that his parents now live in a small place. He’s not giving much away as to his state of mind, (does he have one?). Lots of very unsatisfactory dull conversation follows. Kenton doesn’t seem unduly concerned over David’s problems with overwork. Jill is worried about him, but doesn’t think to ask the sort of questions that mothers usually do. He gives Phil a back scratcher for his birthday that’s made from a skeleton monkey hand! An airport buy perhaps? Phil, as usual, seems to be more realistically suspicious than Jill about Kenton’s motives – at least I hope he is.
  • Well that’s it. Blame the scriptwriters.

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