Shula has to accept Daniel’s behaviour but everyone will pull together to help him through.

Radio Times: Shula faces Daniel’s head teacher.

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  • Shula and Alistair are nervously awaiting the arrival of the headteacher in her office. She’s still convinced Daniel can’t be at fault. When she arrives she’s quite firm – Daniel has been behaving badly and did push the other boy down the steps – there’s no doubt of that. Shula really doesn’t want to admit to Daniel’s guilt, but Alistair, luckily is more sensible. So too is the headteacher, who sets up a system of stickers and rewards for good behaviour. They all need to play their part in supporting the school too.
  • Clarrie is being regaled with a recipe book of things to make with milk. Clarrie has had Brian Aldridge around gunning for Eddie, who has conveniently forgotten to put Jennifer’s garden to rights after Baby Spice’s excursion. She is cheered up by the tale of stapler man by Kathy. They agree that perhaps even the Grundy men are preferable to someone who lives and breathes staplers and collects menus from restaurants!
  • Fallon is cross that Jazzer hasn’t yet turned up for their rehearsal. She has a work ethic considerably more well developed than Ed or Jazzer. She tells Ed that Jazzer’s been stealing money and finally gets through to Ed how serious it is.
  • At the stables Shula is still doubtful whether the school really understands Daniel but Alistair is fully approving of their action. They have a long talk to Daniel about the incident and get to the bottom of things. Sometimes children call him names and he reluctantly admits that he hits them. They explain the sticker chart and all ends on a positive note.

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