Brian puts a proposal to Lilian but she won’t be rushed. Tim agrees to be Ben’s godfather.

Radio Times: Tim’s flattered, but can he accept?

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  • Brian stops to give Tony a hand: the MG’s broken down again. The conversation turns from car repairs to the invidious nature of Brian’s Hungary deals. They are coming at the subject of importing organic produce from two different directions and are never going to reach a consensus. In fact the whole subject really gets to Tony and he can’t resist telling Brian so. Brian retaliates but expounding the woes.
  • David is cross, worried and tired: Bert’s had a relapse and he won’t be back for another week. He’s only got Eddie to rely on but not, of course, for the milking. The baby distracts him, but not for long one feels. They ask Tim to be godparent and he’s thrilled, after some persuasion. They’re going to miss him when he moves, he took good care of Ruth. What they can’t understand is why he has to go.
  • Brian arrives home – earlier than expected for once – to a mountain of TLC from Jennifer. He has a couple of things to settle with the farm manager in Hungary and could have done without a lecture from Tony. Jennifer has had a phone call from George who’s worried that the resistance to the housing development is running out of steam now that Siobhán has left. Brian rings Lilian who’s in the middle of a raucous party. He’s got a proposal – he’ll buy the ransom strip from her. It’s got to be better than what Matt Crawford is offering – solid cash instead of a fluid deal. She will think about it but won’t be pushed -and if she does agree there’ll be no haggling on cost. He thinks he’s got it sorted.
  • Jennifer tells him that she bumped into a very sombre Kenton today, he hasn’t even been to see David and Ruth and the new baby yet. She thinks its because he’s missing his own child and muses on the fact that any break up is bad, but where there are children involved it’s terribly sad.

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