The story of Kenton’s marital problem is not consistent.

Radio Times: Kenton’s story doesn’t add up.

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  • Kenton has brought a stuffed furry wombat to ensure any farming tendencies in Ben are diversified from the start. It turns out that Mel had met a real man (sic) and Kenton couldn’t compete. Fondness of David doesn’t seem to be at the top of his agenda – David always seems to come out ahead.
  • Heather is being made to feel guilty about going home. Of course, Ruth is pretending its only because she appreciates her so much but she takes the opportunity to rub it in by reminding her Bert is still off sick.
  • David isn’t too keen on seeing Kenton. Remarkably he seems to find it odd that Kenton has got the odd few thousand out of Phil and Jill over the years when he only got Brookfield! He’s offered to help with the milking though!
  • Siobhán is feeling a bit better. She thinks a two sentence conversation with Tim means they had a serious talk. She is looking forward to her first serious check up next week. Siobhán thinks Lizzie is trying to set her up with Kenton (which is no doubt true).
  • Kenton is playing on the sympathy vote with Heather. She thinks its all so sad that Kenton won’t be with his baby on her birthday. A bit odd though. Talking to Lizzie, the new man was a real Aussie. But now with Heather, it turns out he’s an Italian “Latin lover”.
  • Lizzie tries to play matchmaker with Kenton and Siobhán. Siobhán doesn’t seem convinced. Kenton appears to have spotted that she is pregnant though so it won’t take long for that gossip to spread.

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