Tim confirms the consequences of his decision to leave: there will be no doctor in Ambridge.

Radio Times: Brenda joins the conspiracy.

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  • Daniel is still determined to get his own way over a packet of crisps and Shula wants to weaken but Alistair thinks they must stay firm. Kenton thinks bigger treats are the answer – he would. But they think the real answer is to give Daniel a visit to Windsor Castle for the Jubilee Celebrations.
  • Roy is trying to involve Brenda in his anniversary celebrations. He can’t believe Hayley’s interested in Hereford Cathedral. And he’s definitely not keen. He wants Brenda to talk Hayley out of it.
  • Alistair and Tim are reliving their youth and think Dross actually sound good. For once, Shula is on the side of reason. Janet is on retreat so they aren’t communicating. Tim’s resignation has been accepted and they have confirmed that it’s unlikely that the surgery will stay open. He hopes Shula will keep it secret – not much chance of that!
  • All of Ambridge has chosen this evening to descend on the normally empty Bull. Tim is impressed at the way Alistair has taken on Daniel as his son. He couldn’t do it.
  • Brenda is now in on the white water rafting plot. She is not convinced she can make Roy turn up. Brenda doesn’t think Hayley realises how wet she is going to get. Can’t be wetter than usual surely.

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