Siobhán applies pressure to encourage Brian’s support.

Radio Times: Brian makes a promise but can he keep it?

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  • Brian is trying to fit in an appointment to see Siobhán but everything in the diary is conspiring against her.
  • Eddie has been selling Baby Spice’s butter off his van. He’ll be in trouble if the health standards officer catches up with him. Joe had been hoping to use some to bribe Jennifer.
  • Kenton ‘accidentally’ bumps into Siobhán to invite her out for coffee. Siobhán’s not keen but Kenton is going to try again.
  • Helen’s cheese isn’t going too well. None of it has sold and it has taken to biting the customers. It’s going to feed Tom’s pigs after all.
  • Siobhán is not impressed at Brian’s excuse of a family lunch for his no show to visit her. Kenton had spotted she was ‘looking a bit peaky’. Mel’s new man has turned into a Greek God from New Zealand overnight.
  • Siobhán threatens Brian that if he stands her up again tomorrow morning “there’ll be an unexpected guest at his dinner table”.

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